Workshop “Building a strong Atlantic network of blue innovation” | 16 June 2023 | Lisbon

The CCDRLVT, I.P., together with the Atlantic Arc Commission, will organize on the 16th of June the international workshop “Building a strong Atlantic network of blue innovation”, within the scope of the FANBEST project.

In a context where the Atlantic Area benefits from a strong network of research and test centers for technologies, especially to be applied in the maritime industries, and while the EU is multiplying initiatives and programmes to boost R&I in Europe, support entrepreneurship and scale-up Start-ups and SMEs, this meeting aims at:

  1. Understanding what are the priorities of Atlantic Regions in terms of R&I and Start-up/SME scale-up,
  2. Evaluating the adequacy of existing EU schemes with regards boosting innovation in the Atlantic regions
  3. Identifying what could be done to improve the capacity of Atlantic PMEs to scale-up and Start-ups “made in Atlantic” overcome the “death Valley”
  4. Elaborating Policy Recommendations to build a strong Atlantic network of blue innovation

Register and learn more at: FANBEST Workshop 16 June 2023

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