Final report of the OECD project ‘Rethinking Regional Attractiveness’ presented

On July 5 was held the webinar presentation of the final report of the project “Rethinking regional attractiveness in the new global environment“, developed by the OECD with funding from the European Union.

AD&C and CCDR Algarve, Centro and Lisboa e Vale do Tejo took part in this study. The presentation of the case studies of these three regions took place at the University of Faro on 28 February 2023.

In the panel “Dialogue with regional development policy makers ” Claire Charbit (OECD), coordinator of the project, made a brief intervention.

Follow the link Regions in globalisation – OECD about this project which includes a series of reports, where you can also find links to all the regional case studies, including those of LVT, Centro and Algarve.

See here the Final Report.

Estudo OCDE Regional Attractiveness

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